Why do adults still sleep with a teddy bear?

Why adults still sleep with teddy bears?

Millions of adults still use teddy animals to sleep with at night. The majority of us still utilize comfort goods as part of our sleep rituals as adults, but as a society, we often see children resting with soft toys, blankets, and other reassuring items. If we are feeling apprehensive, these comfort items can help us relax. They can help you feel less alone as they are a familiar item that has frequently traveled with you. 

When you pet a companion animal, such as a dog or cat, the stress hormone cortisol is measurable reduced. Numerous physiological issues, such as weight gain and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, can be brought on by cortisol. Did you know, though, that cuddling a cuddly stuffed animal can have comparable cortisol-lowering effects? We can reduce stress by petting plush animals, which keeps us happier and healthier. In fact, there are stuffed animals made especially for stress and anxiety. Stress-relieving plush animals include those that are therapeutically scented and those that are weighted.

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